The Wailua Area encompasses the general area north of the Wailua River on Kauai's eastern side.   Upper Wailua, also called Wailua Homesteads, consists of single family residential homes and lots primarily in smaller sized subdivisions with lots ranging from 1/4 to 1/2 an acre in size.  The entrance to this area is enjoyable as you drive past several ancient Hawaiian sites, scenic river views, swaying palm trees and you pass by the Opaekaa Falls waterfall.  The lower Wailua area is along the coastline and is generally called Kauai's Coconut Coast.   This area boasts several nice beaches including, none other than, Wailua Beach, a long, white sand stretch of coast that is very popular for experienced boogie boarders and surfers.  Along the ocean, this Coconut Coast is actually an old Coconut Tree farm that has been commercialized with the Coconut Marketplace Shopping Center, other small shopping centers and a number of Hotel and Condominium Resorts. You would not consider the entire area as a resort, but more of an accumulation of many small resorts with the Coconut Marketplace being the anchor with over 70 shops and restaurants as well as having several hotels and condominium properties within.

A popular recreational activity is to kayak up the calm Wailua River to a location where you can leave your kayak to take a short hike to a secluded waterfall.  A perfect place for your sack lunch and a quick dip into the pond at the bottom of the waterfall.  After hiking back to your launch, another short distance of kayaking gets you to the Fern Grotto for additional beautiful sites.  All of this will take only a few hours if you are in a hurry, but most take their time and enjoy the excursion for over half the day.   

Just south of the river is the location of Lydgate Park with a swimming area that is protected by a man-made breakwall.  Here there is a huge park for all sorts of recreational activities, only half of which involve the ocean.   There are ...........  The price of admission is cheap, since it is free to the public.  A short drive further south from this park will land you at the County's Wailua Golf Course.  You will find the 18 holes to be both challenging and scenic .... with many coconut palm trees and a number of ocean views.  Three of the holes adjoin a long stretch of white sandy beach and rumors have it that some golfers have been known to take long breaks there to cool off in the surf.  Those that do this are probably not your die-hard golfer type.  Wailua is on East Kauai!