This 18-hole, par-72 course offers magnificent views from 300 feet above the Pacific. But it's not the scenery that earned the Prince Course Golf Digest's rating as "Hawaii's No. 1 Golf Course." It's the incredible design Robert Trent Jones, Jr. created to turn rolling terrain into a links-style course that will challenge you like no other.

Par: 4

Back: 448 Yards

Middle: 408 Yards

Forward: 346 Yards

Show restraint off the tee as the ball may run through the fairway. Play for the position, not distance. Consider playing for bogey to avoid a big number. Aim your approach shot at the center or back of the green as a stream anxiously awaits errant or poorly struck shots.

Par: 5

Back: 597 Yards

Middle: 557 Yards

Forward: 490 Yards

You probably do not need a driver from the tee. Stay left center as the ravine is much closer on the right. Once over the ravine, an uphill lie will test your club selection and ability to swing from an uneven stance. The uphill approach shot requires at least one additional club.

Par: 3

Back: 177 Yards

Middle: 156 Yards

Forward: 96 Yards

Aim for the left side of the green to avoid the cavernous bunkers on the right. Two distinct tiers on this green will provide plenty of excitement. Carefully consider the hole location on this undulating putting surface when making your club selection.

Par: 5

Back: 554 Yards

Middle: 498 Yards

Forward: 426 Yards

From the tee, it's usually downwind and definitely downhill to the lake; be careful. Long hitters may reach in two if tee shots avoid the fairway bunkers down the left side. Stay left the rest of the way to avoid a watery grave. Three distinct hole locations on this green make putting an adventure.

Par: 4

Back: 453 Yards

Middle: 414 Yards

Forward: 364 Yards

Prevailing winds make this hole longer than the yardage. Check the distance to the bunker on the right because that is your target line. Approach shots missed right may bound into the high grass. This green is the longest on the course; therefore, take an additional club or two on the slightly uphill approach.

Par: 4

Back: 428 Yards

Middle: 378 Yards

Forward: 322 Yards

An accurate drive into the wind is required on this testy, well-bunkered hole. Tee shots down the left side, within the OB stakes, typically careen down to the fairway below. Don't lose focus or get too distracted by the view of the largest reef in Hawaii located beyond the green!

Par: 3

Back: 205 Yards

Middle: 153 Yards

Forward: 98 Yards

The wind can play havoc with your tee shot. Balls hit to the right have a chance of staying up, but this undulating green will test your stroke. An extra club is needed to insure that you carry the ravine if you feel the wind in your face.

Par: 4

Back: 460 Yards

Middle: 412 Yards

Forward: 356 Yards

Aim your tee shot down the right center of the fairway to avoid the large bunkers on the left. Factor in the elevation rise and wind direction before deciding on the club for your approach shot. There is plenty of room behind the green.

Par: 4

Back: 366 Yards

Middle: 319 Yards

Forward: 224 Yards

This short hole requires an accurate tee shot between the bunkers that frame the landing area. Depending on the wind direction, aim your tee shot at one of the three bunkers on the right to leave the best angle to the green on your approach shot. Add an extra club or two on the approach shot to account for prevailing tradewinds.

Par: 5

Back: 588 Yards

Middle: 547 Yards

Forward: 456 Yards

This unique hole offers a major risk and reward opportunity. Check the distance from the tee to the ravine on the left. Strong fairway wood players often go at this green in two by hitting over the width of the ravine. Play down the right side for the less risky route to the green.

Par: 3

Back: 187 Yards

Middle: 134 Yards

Forward: 103 Yards

Aim your tee shot at the right side of the green and allow the prevailing wind to bring the ball back to the center. A steep ravine poses real danger if the tee shot is short and left. This two-tiered green will test your ability to pace a putt correctly.

Par: 4

Back: 390 Yards

Middle: 353 Yards

Forward: 296 Yards

This tee shot towers ten stories above the fairway and affords magnificent views. The left side is a good target off the tee. A stream winds around this green, so best to aim for the center of the green on your approach.

Par: 4

Back: 418 Yards

Middle: 382 Yards

Forward: 322 Yards

Note the distance to the stream that bisects the fairway. If you lay too far back, a monstrous second shot awaits. On the uphill approach shot, add one more club. Aim at the green's left side. If you plan on using it as a landing area, the fairway approaching the green is very narrow. Don't be distracted by the beautiful waterfall behind this green.

Par: 3

Back: 211 Yards

Middle: 154 Yards

Forward: 124 Yards

This par 3 has all the ingredients and terrific views. Aim at the right edge of the green as the ball tends to move left off the tee. Hit this green and defy the architect's plan to make you miss the putting surface! There is plenty of bail-out room to the right if you opt to use it.

Par: 5

Back: 576 Yards

Middle: 525 Yards

Forward: 410 Yards

Driver may be too much club for some. Tee shots tend to careen to the left off the slope of the first landing area. Second shots should be down the left side to avoid the ravine on the right. Hit a high, soft approach shot to hold this small green.

Par: 4

Back: 375 Yards

Middle: 366 Yards

Forward: 280 Yards

This slight dogleg left is all uphill; therefore, tack on at least 1-2 clubs for the approach shot depending on the wind direction and hole location. There is plenty of room to miss on the left side of the green. Avoid the green-side bunker on the right.

Par: 4

Back: 421 Yards

Middle: 370 Yards

Forward: 290 Yards

A solid drive down the left side leaves the best approach angle to this narrow, well-bunkered green. Tee shots to the right may dive into the bushes and become unplayable. Wind is usually a big factor due to the location along the ridge line.

Par: 4

Back: 455 Yards

Middle: 395 Yards

Forward: 343 Yards

Five bunkers await your tee shot if you aren't careful with direction and distance! Tee shots to the right could spell trouble; it's better to stay left. Aim your approach shot at the left side of the green to avoid the monstrous bunker and severe slope on the right.