Commitment to Buyers


·         Provide a Buyer’s guide with introductory material for Kaua’i Real Estate

·         Provide showing packages that include the Showing Schedule, a photo gallery page on each property being shown, a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) relating to the Property shown, Maps and other available supporting information

·         Explanation of contracts and documents – It is very important you feel confident in your understanding of all documents in the buying process.  We will review each document you encounter during the Offer/Negotiation phase and during the Closing process.

·         Review closing process and costs to assure Clients are aware of the estimated costs as early in the process as possible.

·         Provide assistance analyzing information relating to specific properties through the use of various tools including worksheets, graphical analysis, photography and other appropriate tools.

·         Provide additional research on properties of further interest to the Buyers.

·         Provide a letter of explanation/support for any offer or counter offer submitted on behalf of my Clients, addressed to the Sellers’ Agent. Any such correspondence would be reviewed, modified and approved by our Clients.

·         Help clients locate local lenders/mortgage brokers with whom they can discuss financing alternatives.

·         Help clients locate local providers for services needed before, during and after closing.

·         Make available resource contact information for various service providers relating to the purchase and ownership of Kaua’i Real Estate.

·         Provide follow-up on all closing tasks to assure the closing schedule is maintained or problems are brought to light as early as possible.

·         Complete a closing binder either containing or providing room for all pertinent information relating to your purchase.

·         Periodically follow-up with clients during the first year after closing to assist with any questions and issues that may arise.

Client Communications

·         Honest answers - Provide you with honest, thoughtful answers, feedback and analysis to aid you in making the best decisions possible from Offering Price & Terms through the Closing.

·         Communication – First and foremost, we will listen to your needs and desires and act on them, showing you the kind of properties you want to see and information you want to review.

·         Timely escrow / closing - Once an offer to purchase is agreed to – escrow will be promptly opened and you (and the Seller’s agent) will be provided a time schedule of all events necessary to complete the sale successfully.

·         Support during escrow – We will do out utmost to provide our Buyer clients with the necessary support to resolve issues which arise concerning surveys and inspections.

·         Continuous follow-up - All items will be tracked against the escrow completion schedule to assure everything possible is done to meet the closing date.

·         Follow-up and support after the closing - The process of moving in can be more stressful than finding the right home, vacation home or rental property. We will remain in contact with you to see if there is anything he can do to make the process easier