The benefits of working with Kauai's Agents

Kristin M. Zimmerman, RA & John F. Friedman, RA

There are over 650 licensed real estate agents on Kaua’i.  That’s about 1% of the resident population and the source of jokes regarding the large number.  Their backgrounds are as diverse as their personalities.  There are few with the depth of professional background and technical disciplines as Kristin & John.  What sets us apart from the crowd?

Our focus is on helping clients to better understand Kauai’s real estate market, the inventory of available homes and investment properties, the trends in pricing and the historical rates of return on income producing properties. When we start to work with a client, one of the first things they receive is a collection of information in a folder covering the fundamentals of buying or selling real estate on Kaua’i. The content of these folders is customized for buyers and sellers – Kristin & John’s Kaua’i Real Estate Buyers’ Guide and Kristin & John’s Kaua’i Real Estate Sellers’ Guide. In addition to the standard content outlined here, each folder can be customized based on the needs expressed by the individual buyer or seller. “The material we provide is real-time analysis and information which will make your efforts to purchase or sell Kaua’i Real Estate easier and give you greater confidence in the process and the decisions you make along the way.” We have always been strong believers in the adage “Information is King” which is why we treat our clients like Royalty when it comes to the efforts we expend to assure they are well informed. If you have needs for specific analysis, we can produce it to meet your unique requirements.

The forum for buying and selling real estate today is quickly shifting to the Internet and with that is a dramatic shift in the skills required of real estate agents.  With years of computer experience working with a large variety of application programs, John’s knowledge and skills go well beyond most real estate agents. In fact, John remains Kaua’i’s only Multiple Listing Service trainer.   Kristin & John are users of Microsoft Office products, Excel, Word, Publisher, Power Point and Outlook.  We are also use Adobe products.  Combining these technical skills with our experience in communications provides you, the client, with powerful marketing tools.  Add to this our new initiative in Marketing on the World Wide Web and you have a team that can provide an unbeatable ability to Market Sellers’ properties or provide Buyers with unprecedented information on Kaua’i real estate that matches there unique requirements.